Martin Dobro National DiMauro Daion Eko Gibson Mozzani Vinaccia

J.Hendrix with acoustic guitar:

1950 ALOSA ARCHTOP by Alois Sandner (brother of Ignaz Sandner who made Isana)  Code AC50  Euro 750  SEE IT?

'72 B.C. RICH B20 Los Angeles California a real RARE Acoustic Guitar Code AC66   Euro 3200   SEE IT?

80's DAION THE 78 HERITAGE 6 Strings OHC  EX+ Code AC989  Euro 1250 SEE IT?

80's DAION LEGACY L-99  6 Strings OHC  Near mint Cond. OHC Code AC88  Euro 1350 SEE IT?

80's DAION THE 78 HERITAGE 12 Strings Ex+ cond. Code AC112 Euro 1000  SEE IT?

40's DI MAURO ANTOINE SELMER DIANGO Model code AC146 - Euro 2500  SEE IT?


1962 EKO 350/SR/2 Semiacoustic Model  THIN -LINE  Double Cutaway Sunburst, EX+ code VA479 - Euro 600  SEE IT?

1950 EGMOND, Sumburst, Made in Holland, G.Harrison Guitar code AC750- Euro 350  SEE IT?

60's KREMONA ZORNIZA Gipsy model  Made in Bulgarien, code AC517- Euro 350  SEE IT?

50's  GEROME  RENE' JAZZ MANOUCHE LUTHIER,  code AC333 - Euro 1500  SEE IT?

1969 GIBSON EVERLY BROTHERS, (Like J-180)  Natural, flat top with tortoise pickguards, RARE only 488 produced, EX+ code AC617 - Euro 8000  SEE IT?

1968 GIBSON B45/12,Sunburst,12 Stings,Mahogany back&sides,EX+ OHC code AC336 - Euro 2350 SEE IT?

1969 GIBSON LES PAUL JUMBO, Natural, Orig. p90 pick-up, RW back & sides,VERY RARE, EX code AC013 -  Euro 6500 SEE IT?

1969 GIBSON LES PAUL JUMBO, Natural, Orig. p90 pick-up, RW back & sides,VERY RARE, EX code AC250 -  Euro 7000 SEE IT?

1970 GIBSON J-45 Sunburst, EX code AC99  - Euro 2850  SEE IT?

1972 GIBSON  J-100 Natural, EX code AC155 - Euro 3150  SEE IT?

1970 GIBSON  J-200 Blond, EX code AC102 - Euro 4350 SEE IT?

1973 GIBSON  J-200 Blond, EX code AC111- Euro 3800 SEE IT?

1973 GIBSON  DOVE CUSTOM, EX +++ code AC516 - Euro 2800 SEE IT?

1974 GIBSON  J-160E CUSTOM BEATLES ,Sunburst, Orig. p90 pick-up, RW  back & sides, EX+ code AC611 - Euro 2250  SEE IT?

1976 GIBSON  HUMMINGBIRD, Natural, Mahogany back & sides, EX+  code AC490 - Euro 3500  SEE IT?

1952 GRETSCH ACOUSTIC 125F Syncromatic EX +++ RARE code VA151 Euro 5800 SEE IT?

1940 GRETSCH ACOUSTIC SYNCROMATIC Model 100 6014  Archtop, Sunburst, double-bound, EX +  Hard Lifton  Crocodile Case code AC677- Euro 1500 SEE IT?

60's HARMONY STELLA F-70M Made in USA Rare Model Parlor Guitar  AC655 - Euro 490  SEE IT?

60's HOFNER  445/S Model, Sunburst  Archtops, Near Mint Conditions ! code AC888- Euro 950 SEE IT?

62' HOFNER  CONGRESS  449 Model, Violin Sunburst  Archtops,Excellent Conditions code AC77 - Euro 650  SEE IT?

50's HOYER ARNOLD "E. N." Sunburst  Archtop Topsound Jazzguitar  code AC148 - Euro 500  SEE IT?

1975 IBANEZ CONCORD  Mod.58095 12 STRINGS Perfect neck and frets, very low action, super sound. Hard Case  code AC134 - Euro 750   SEE IT?

1977 IBANEZ CONCORD  Mod.58094 Hummingbird model copy. Perfect neck and frets, low action, super sound. Hard Case code AC156 - Euro 750   SEE IT?

84' IBANEZ  V350 BK Black Perfect neck and frets, Tree of Life inlay, low action, Made in Japan RARE code AC613- Euro 600  SEE IT?

75' IBANEZ  CONCORD Mod.627 12 STRINGS straight neck and good frets, low action, Made in Japan  code AC44 - Euro 600  SEE IT?

60's KREMONA ZORNIZA Gipsy model  Made in Bulgarien, code AC517- Euro 350  SEE IT?

60's KREMONA ZORNIZA Gipsy model  Made in Bulgarien, code AC518 - Euro 350  SEE IT?

50's MACCAFERRI Selmer G30 "Decorated"model, Plastic small-sized archtop cutaway EX+ code AC795

1988 MARTIN D-45 CUSTOM Limit Edition "TREE OF LIFE" Decoration on the fingerboard code AC515 CALL SEE IT?

1996 MARTIN D-45 Limited Edition C.F. Martin Sr. model, 200th Anniversary 1796-1996, Mint Condition  15.000 code AC999  SEE IT?

1980 MARTIN D-45 with Original Hardshell Case Excellent plus conditions! code AC145 - Euro 8800  SEE IT?

1995 MARTIN D-40 FMG, 22 of 150 Quilted Mahogany,rare, Near Mint code AC1995 - Euro 5500  SEE IT?

1966 MARTIN D-18  Dreadnought body, solid spruce top, mahogany sides, back and neck, Brasilian Rosewood fingerboard  code AC122  - Euro 4900  SEE IT?

1973 MARTIN D-41 EX+ Super!!! code AC991 - Euro 5400   SEE IT?

1974 MARTIN 0018,Mahogany back&side,Rare,EX code AC023 - Euro 2700  SEE IT?

1971 MARTIN  D-28, Natural, EX+ code AC775 - Euro 3500  SEE IT?

1969 MARTIN  D-35 Natural Brasilian EX+++ code AC98  Euro 7500  SEE IT?

1998 MARTIN CEO-2 CEO's Choice Limited Edition Guitar (# 29), RARE Mint code AC511 - Euro 3800  SEE IT? 

1967 NATIONAL N-710 Western Model Flat Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar code AC199  -   Euro 1850 SEE IT?

First 70's PRO MARTIN W200 Custom MARTIN STYLE COPY  1 Serie code AC350 - Euro 700   SEE IT? 

70's YAMAHA FG-345 excellent low action & sound, good frets, no repair or breakage Hard Case code AC612 - Euro 550    SEE IT? 


1917 MARTIN  Style 4 Mandolin C.F. Martin&Co Nazareth PA USA  code AC626  Euro 2500  SEE IT?

First 900' MOZZANI , CLASSIC STUDIO NYLON, Natural, EX+ code AC444 Euro 6000 SEE IT?

1927 F.lli VINACCIA MANDOLINO, EX+ code AC446 - Euro 2450  SEE IT?

1928 GIBSON A4 Mandolin,  Sunburst, code GI110  Euro 3500   SEE IT?

1973 GIANNINI CRAVIOLA AWN6 Model   code AC626  Euro SEE IT?

60's HOFNER  445/S Model, Sunburst  Archtops,Near Mint Conditions !  code AC888- Euro 950 SEE IT?

1960 MUSIMA BANJO 6 Strings, Maple and RW fingerbord EX+++ code AC512 - Euro 300  SEE IT?    

60's MEAZZI BANJO 6 Strings, Made in Italy, maple and RW fingerbord EX+ code AC519 - Euro 200  SEE IT?    

50's HOPF  Classic Nylon Solid Cedar Top,incredible Sides and Backs flam maple  in excellent condition.  code AC20 - 1300 Euro  SEE IT?    

Marco Maccianti (1908-1995) Chiavari GE


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