Martin 1917 Style 4 C.F. Martin&Co Nazareth PA USA Original Leather Case

Fingerboard: ebony bound in ivory; 20 nickel-silver frets; decorative mother-of-pearl abstract floral inlay behind 5th and 7th frets; mother-of-pearl Maltese cross between two lozenges behind 10th fret; single abalone lozenges behind 12th and 15th frets (one behind 12th fret slightly larger); imitation tortoise-shell plastic side dots behind 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th frets Nut: ivory. Bridge: ebony; ebony lozenges on ends; ivory or bone saddle. Pegs: two sets of nickel-plated steel worm-gear machine tuners with mother-of-pearl heads. Pick guard: tortoise shell with festooned lower edge; mother-of-pearl and abalone floral and foliate inlay. Tailpiece: nickel silver with engraved, festooned cover. Varnish: slightly yellow.

Total mandolin length:  610 mm (24″)
Maximum body width:  203 mm (8″)
Maximum bowl height:  140 mm (5-1/2″)
Neck length (nut to ribs):  145 mm (5-11/16″)
Neck width, nut:  30 mm (1-3/16″)
Neck width, heel:  40 mm (1-9/16″)
Vibrating string length (nut to bridge edge):  336 mm (13-7/32″)