Martin Dobro National DiMauro Daion Eko Gibson Mozzani Vinaccia

J.Hendrix with acoustic guitar:

'65 CRUCIANELLI ELITE  like Gibson L5  F hole with Rare STEELPHON Pickups,  Made In Italy  EX+ Code VA534 -HOLD

80's DAION THE 78 HERITAGE 6 Strings OHC  EX+ Code AC989  Euro 1250 SEE IT?

80's DAION LEGACY L-9  6 Strings OHC  Near mint Cond. OHC Code AC55 HOLD

80's DAION LEGACY L-999  6 Strings OHC  Near mint Cond. HC Code AC166   HOLD

80's DAION LEGACY L-99  6 Strings OHC  Near mint Cond. OHC Code AC88  Euro 1350 SEE IT?

80's DAION THE 78 HERITAGE 12 Strings Ex+ cond. Code AC112 Euro 1000  SEE IT?

40's DI MAURO ANTOINE SELMER DIANGO Model code AC146 - Euro 2500  SEE IT?


1960 EKO STUDIO JAZZ Model 200/SM1 Cutaway W/binding Natural, EX+ code VA911- HOLD

1962 EKO 350/SR/2 Semiacoustic Model  THIN -LINE  Double Cutaway Sunburst, EX+ code VA479 - Euro 600  SEE IT?

1950 EGMOND, Sumburst, Made in Holland, G.Harrison Guitar code AC750- Euro 350  SEE IT?

1990 EKO BA-1E  Maogany Acoustic Bass, Piezo Volume & Tono Control,Mint code BA280- Euro 280 Special Price 250euro SEE IT?

60's KREMONA ZORNIZA Gipsy model  Made in Bulgarien, code AC517- Euro 350  SEE IT?

50's  GEROME  RENE' JAZZ MANOUCHE LUTHIER,  code AC333 - Euro 1500  SEE IT?

1969 GIBSON EVERLY BROTHERS, (Like J-180)  Natural, flat top with tortoise pickguards, RARE only 488 produced, EX+ code AC617 - Euro 8000  SEE IT?

1968 GIBSON B45/12,Sunburst,12 Stings,Mahogany back&sides,EX+ OHC code AC336 - Euro 2350 SEE IT?

1969 GIBSON LES PAUL JUMBO, Natural, Orig. p90 pick-up, RW back & sides,VERY RARE, EX code AC013 -  Euro 6500 SEE IT?

1969 GIBSON  J45 Sunburst, EX + code AC614 - Euro 3150  SEE IT?

1970 GIBSON  J200 Blond, EX code AC102 - Euro 4350 SEE IT?

1973 GIBSON  J200 Blond, EX code AC111- Euro 3800 SEE IT?

1973 GIBSON  DOVE CUSTOM, EX +++ code AC516 - Euro 2800 SEE IT?

1974 GIBSON  J160E CUSTOM BEATLES ,Sunburst, Orig. p90 pick-up, RW  back & sides, EX+ code AC611 - Euro 2250  SEE IT?

1976 GIBSON  HUMMINGBIRD, Natural, Mahogany back & sides, EX+  code AC490 - Euro 3200  SEE IT?

1952 GRETSCH ACOUSTIC 125F Syncromatic EX +++ RARE code VA151 Euro 5800 SEE IT?

1940 GRETSCH ACOUSTIC SYNCROMATIC Model 100 6014  Archtop, Sunburst, double-bound, EX +  Hard Lifton  Crocodile Case code AC677- Euro 1500 SEE IT?

60's HARMONY STELLA F-70M Made in USA Rare Model Parlor Guitar  AC655 - Euro 490  SEE IT?

60's HOFNER  445/S Model, Sunburst  Archtops, Near Mint Conditions ! code AC888- Euro 950 SEE IT?

62' HOFNER  CONGRESS  449 Model, Violin Sunburst  Archtops,Excellent Conditions code AC77 - Euro 650  SEE IT?

50's HOYER ARNOLD "E. N." Sunburst  Archtop Topsound Jazzguitar  code AC148 - Euro 500  SEE IT?

1975 IBANEZ CONCORD  Mod.58095 12 STRINGS Perfect neck and frets, very low action, super sound. Hard Case  code AC134 - Euro 700   SEE IT?

60's KREMONA ZORNIZA Gipsy model  Made in Bulgarien, code AC517- Euro 350  SEE IT?

60's KREMONA ZORNIZA Gipsy model  Made in Bulgarien, code AC518 - Euro 350  SEE IT?

50's MACCAFERRI Selmer G30 "Decorated"model, Plastic small-sized archtop cutaway EX+ code AC795  - Euro 1200  SEE IT?

1996 MARTIN D-45 Limited Edition C.F. Martin Sr. model, 200th Anniversary 1796-1996, Mint Condition  15.000 code AC999  SEE IT?

1980 MARTIN D45 with Original Hardshell Case Excellent plus conditions! code AC145 - Euro 8800  SEE IT?

1995 MARTIN D40 FMG, 22 of 150 Quilted Mahogany,rare, Near Mint code AC1995 - call  SEE IT?

1973 MARTIN D41 EX+ Super!!! code AC991 - Euro 5400   SEE IT?

1974 MARTIN 0018,Mahogany back&side,Rare,EX code AC023 - Euro 2500  SEE IT?

1971 MARTIN  D28, Natural, EX+ code AC775 - Euro 3300  SEE IT?

1971 MARTIN  D35 Natural EX+ code AC613 - HOLD

1998 MARTIN CEO-2 CEO's Choice Limited Edition Guitar (# 29), RARE Mint code AC511 - Euro 3800  SEE IT? 

1998 NATIONAL STYLE "1" Trycone,Brass/Nikel,RESONATOR W/CASE EX code AC45 - HOLD

1967 NATIONAL N-710 Western Model Flat Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar code AC199  -   Euro 1850 SEE IT?

First 70's PRO MARTIN W200 Custom MARTIN STYLE COPY  1 Serie code AC350 - Euro 700   SEE IT?    

1975 M.SUZUKI W-544 Acoustic 12 Strings Rare Exc.Cond. HOLD


1970 MARTIN 0018C, CLASSIC NYLON, Natural, EX+ code AC455 - Euro 2200   SEE IT?

1917 MARTIN  Style 4 Mandolin C.F. Martin&Co Nazareth PA USA  code AC626  Euro 2800  SPECIAL PRICE Euro 2500   SEE IT?

First 900' MOZZANI , CLASSIC STUDIO NYLON, Natural, EX+ code AC444 Euro 1200 SEE IT?

1927 F.lli VINACCIA MANDOLINO, EX+ code AC446 - Euro 2450  SEE IT?

1928 GIBSON A4 Mandolin,  Sunburst, code GI110  Euro 3500  SPECIAL PRICE Euro 2900   SEE IT?

1973 GIANNINI CRAVIOLA AWN6 Model   code AC626  Euro SEE IT?

60's HOFNER  445/S Model, Sunburst  Archtops,Near Mint Conditions !  code AC888- Euro 950 SEE IT?

1960 MUSIMA BANJO 6 Strings, Maple and RW fingerbord EX+++ code AC512 - Euro 300  SEE IT?    

60's MEAZZI BANJO 6 Strings, Made in Italy, maple and RW fingerbord EX+ code AC519 - Euro 200  SEE IT?    

50's HOPF  Classic Nylon Solid Cedar Top,incredible Sides and Backs flam maple  in excellent condition.  code AC20 - 1300 Euro  SEE IT?    

Marco Maccianti (1908-1995) Chiavari GE


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