'87 STEINBERGER USA GP-2S Series Withe Creme Vibrato, 2 HB EMG, EX+ code VA488

USA made (Newburgh, NY) graphite neck,  Alder "V" shaped body, active EMG humbucker pickups, 24 jumbo frets, fine tuning locking tremolo system, volume / tone / 3 way selector controls, all black hardware, and its body finished in white.  The overall condition is very clean.The graphite neck is super clean with very light fret wear with low action. P-series guitars featured a smaller wooden body with bolt-on composite neck. The body was shaped more like an arrow or mini-A than the rectangular L series body.




Buck Dharma

In the '80s, Ned Steinberger came up with a revolutionary guitar design, of which the most noticeable factor is the lack of a headstock. Buck was impressed with the design and performance, and the Steinberger became Buck's other most-well-known guitar model. This P series "Mini-Vee" guitar has a wood body and a bolt-on neck made of composite graphite material, which makes it almost immune to weather conditions that can affect tuning. It also is designed so that all the electronics are attached to the pickguard, which makes swapping out electronics simple. Buck has two configurations, one with 2 single coils and 1 humbucker, and the other with only humbuckers.

Maurizio Vandelli

Buck Dharma

 Leslie West with Steinberger P series 1988

Fredrik Saroea

Jeff Babicz

Ned Steinberger

David Bowie

Even Jerry Garcia

Allan Holdsworth

The Old Steinberger Newburgh Factory