60's VOX PHANTOM XII Mod.V221 Black, 12 Srtings,Vibrola, EX

code VA090

Unique Phantom design 12 strings, ebony fingerboard, Nikel Silver frets, esclusive 2-way strings damper, 6 individual strings bridges, true spring action vibrato.

One of the guitars used during his stay in the Yardbirds, both live and in the studio and with which he specifically recorded "Tinker, Taillor, Soldier, Sailor", but also used for the mixed session that led to the recording of "Beck's Bolero "Published on" Truth "the debut of Jeff Beck and it seems also for the rhythm part of" Thank You "and for" Living Loving Maid "on" Led Zeppelin II "

JP VOX Phantom XIIA belongs to the kind of instruments that it is impossible to judge outside their historical context.
The pentagonal shape that today is certainly dated, certainly had its own charm for the young musicians of the sixties, constantly looking for expressions of a break with tradition and if some companies entered the market with objects of this kind, such as for example the Italian Eko, also a historical brand like Vox already established thanks to the quality of its amplifiers, did not stand by and proposed some models with innovative shapes when not real revolutions, at least in intentions, such as the guitar / organ, a sort of hybrid that theoretically should have enclosed the characteristics