Mid-60s WATIKINS RAPIER Red Lefty RARE Near Mint Cond.

This is a fine example of a Watkins Rapier 33 Lefty. Perfect neck and frets ready to play. Come with a very rare and expensive Vintage case. Early models had the name Hi-Lo on the tremolo plate (after 1968 this was Wilson) and a Rhythm/Solo toggle switch up near the neck pickup. A Rapier logo was inscribed into the scratchplate on the right hand side of the pickups and would have been originally gold but this has worn away on most guitars.There was also a decal of the Watkins logo on the headstock in later models. Early knobs were black or white with a concave chrome top. The Rapier model was produced from late 50s to late 70s. Most variations occurred after 1968 with the brand change to Wilson. THE RAPIER HISTORY: http://www.vintageguitar.com/14766/watkins-rapier-33/   THE WATKINS HISTORY: http://www.watkinsguitars.co.uk/history.htm


Jim Baldwin with his Rapier first 60s