'65 ES 175D Sunburst with two PAF Patent Number black label, 40mm to the nut, Orange Label Made in Kalamazoo, perfect neck and frets, Original Gibson Yellow Case EX+ code GI222

 This is a great sounding, and great playing jazzbox that allows a player the warm tones from the bebop era, yet is also versatile enough to be used for blues, rock, swing, or rockabilly. The ES-175D is considered by many players to be the classic jazz guitar although it is sonically capable of much more than that and due to the two pickup configuration, it can easily cover rock and blues territory. Gibson’s twin humbucking pickups offer everything from smooth jazz tones to real blues/rock bite. This particularly clean condition guitar dates from 1965 and features a glorious faded sunburst finish that just looks stunning. The guitar has all original hardware, included the zigzag tailpiece.Acoustically, you can really hear the craftsmanship and quality of this instrument’s construction and it resonates well in all registers with a particularly detailed top end. Plugging the instrument into a flat response amplifier truly reveals the rich tonality that the ES-175 is capable of and alongside the articulate jazz tones you’d expect from the front pickup there is a surprising array of blues and rock tones possible from the bridge pickup. You can hear straightway why players like Steve Howe of Yes and other prog rockers have favoured an ES-175D. Even funk rhythms sound totally authentic on this guitar

Joe Pass


Gibson ES 175 Sunburst  John Frusciante