60s' VOX Sidewinder IV Bass, Cherry, Original Vox Case EX code BA788

Description from the 1968 US Vox catalog: 

"A brilliant all new 4-string double cutaway electric acoustic bass guitar. Has built in G tuner, distortion booster, treble and bass booster. All new easy-to-fret fast-neck with the Vox double T-bar and adjustable steel rod. Two exclusive VOX Ferro-Sonic pickups. Fully adjustable bridge. One volume, two tone controls, 3-position pickup selector switch. Jumbo chrome plated machine heads. Sunburst or Cherry." The Sidewinder IV was produced for Vox in Italy by EKO in Recanati Italy.


the who - my generation (Smothers Brothers comedy hour):


The built-in effects include a G tuner, treble/bass booster, and "distortion" which is a very cool fuzz effect powered by the BC 108 transistor which was used in the original Dallas Aribter Fuzz Face pedals.

VOX took note of the popularity of the double-cutaway GIBSON EB guitars and basses and the Epiphone Casino guitar and Rivoli bass (thanks Chas) with many of their English band clients. This was their model designed to "knock out the Gibs and Epis". But to make sure it was a good knock, they added "shock" in the form of active electronics to include the Built in G Tuner, Distortion Booster, Treble and Bass Booster. Also it featured TWO VOX Ferro-Sonic pickups.
But the best part of this VOX bass, and almost all of them, is the NECK. It is a slim neck that is easy to move around on which makes these incredibly fast playing guitars. A bit cumbersome if you have long awkward fingers but for most of us, they are a joy to play.
Has the usual adjustable bridge, one volume and two tone controls, 3-position pup selector. 
And it has these incredible Fender style giant Tuner Keys. Just adds to the coolness.
This one is in their beautiful transparent CHERRY STAIN FINISH.