1980 RICKENBACKER  4080 model Twin neck, White, RARE,EX code BA555

This Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar is very rare and ultra cool Rickenbacker guitar. A rare collectible 1981 Rickenbacker model 4080 double neck (six string 480 guitar and four string 4001 bass). Rickenbacker started making a limited production run of doublenecks in 1975 - before that they were special order only – with three models – onejust guitar (12-string /6-string) and two with guitar and bass – the 4080-12 (4-string on top, 12-string on bottom) and the 4080 (4-string on top, 6-string on bottom). All Original. Straight necks, all valid frets in good condition, no repair o other. Both bolt-on bound necks have rosewood fret boards with triangle inlays. The 20 fret bass neck is 1 5/8" at the nut and has a 32 1/4" scale length. The 24 fret guitar neck is 1 5/8" at the nut with a scale length of 24 3/4". It has individual Grover tuning keys on both necks and both are stamp pat. pend. U.S.A. while the bass keys have vertical lines and the guitar keys sport a raised star. Other features include chrome hardware, white pick guards, a combination tailpiece/bridge on the bass and six way bridge and an "R" tailpiece on the guitar. Overall length is 44" and the width is 18 3/8". Guitar depth is 1 1/2" It is equipped with Rick-O-Sound. There are two Rickenbacker pickups for the bass and two for the guitar. Electronics include a two position neck selector switch on the upper right bout, a pickup selector switch, volume and tone controls for each pickup (4 total) and a master tone control all on the lower right bout. This 4080 is in very nice condition with only light weather checking and a few dings. It comes with the original black hard case with a blue plush lining.

The Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar was a double neck guitar consisting of a four-string bass for the top neck and a six-string or twelve-string guitar for the bottom. The original 4080's was built for Geddy Lee of Rush for four of their albums: A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, and Moving Pictures.

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Geddy with his Rickenbacker 4008 doubleneck

Geddy Lee: Rush’s Farewell to Kings Tour 1978. That doubleneck had to weigh as much as Geddy, they are beasts.

Marillion bassist Pete Trewavas on stage at the 2009 Canadian Marillion weekend festival in Montreal

Mike Rutherford

Mike Starr