'65 HOFNER VIOLIN BASS 500/1 Model, Sunburst, EX code BA47

1965 Hofner Batles Bass 500/1 Sir  PaulL Rare &  CoolL, Made in German. Beautifully Flamed Maple Actrattive Violin Sunburs. Bound straight neck with excellent frets. Good frets ready to play.Whit a real woody and punchy Sound and with perfectly balance out the volume of the two pickups. Come with correct Violin case.The Pickups launched in the early '60s and made in both 6-String & 4-String versions they're essentially a humbucker but rather than have steel slugs hidden under the cover in the usual, standard Humbucker design, Hofner made these with steel 'staples'. These ferrous poles work in the same way, the difference being they're not hidden away under the cover, resulting in a clearer, more defined tone. They're also mini-humbucker size giving a more focussed, clear sound.