Fender Twin Reverb II  Black face, 2X12" Fender, 100Watts P.Rivera era, foot switch included, EX+ 1983

Perfect to play with all new tube and correct Bias..as the Steve Howe amp!

It’s a cross-over model from 1979 ish… so it’s still a hand wired amp but it has channel switching and Boosts and so forth – but are still old school TONE Beautiful fender clean sound  with an excellent smooth ‘American-style’ overdrive, point-to-point circuit board wired, the last ever Fender amps to be built this way, valve driven effects loop, valve driven reverb with long reverb tank. More compact than a Silverface Twin, and with beautiful Blackface looks and sparkle grill cloth. SO much better than a hot rod it's in a different universe and it will last forever.

105 watt
2 x 12" Eminence speakers
2 inputs
2 channels - clean and lead
Tube driven reverb
Tube driven effects loop with input and return controls
Channel 1: volume, bright switch, treble, middle, bass
Channel 2: volume, gain, boost switch, treble, middle, bass, master volume
Reverb, presence