Eminence alnico 15"

1978 MUSIC MAN Seventy-Five Mod. 75W(6L6)Tube 75 watts switchable to 35 watts, HEAD + 1x15"Music Man cabinet,EX

When Music Man first made amps in 1974, the company was headed by Forest White and Tom Walker. Leo Fender was involved with the product design. These amps have always been hybrid amps (solid state front and with tubes in the output section). The early models from 1974 to 1979 used 6CA7/EL34 type power tubes, but models after 1979 used 6L6GC tubes. These early models were availabie with ainico magnet speakers. After 1979 the 65 & 130 series amps went from one channel to a 2 channel, and the power on the 65 series boosted from 65 to 75 watts. The power on the 130 series was boosted from 130 to 150 watts.The Music Man amp circuit is all solid state except for the power tubes. These tubes are run at low levels and remain cool enough to touch. This greatly extends their life, but it does limit the tubels sound shaping effect. Even though Music Man amps use ' some tubes, they are considered more of a solici-state amp than a tube amp.(The Amp Book D.Brosnac)

Hank Marvin from a 1981 "The Shadows in Scandinavia" TV program

Albert Lee set amp

Clapton and Music Man

Chet with the Gretsch twelve stringfrom the cover of Chet
Atkins Picks on the Beatles control the bass takes some technique.
Chets Rig - Boss digital delay and Music Man RD 50 W"

Albert Lee Les Paul and Music Man set