VOX AC30TB   Top Boost,Vibrato, 2x12"Grey Bull.rectifier tube1967 EX+++

The Edge created a signature sound early on in his career with a Fender Stratocaster, Electro Harmonix Memory Man delay pedal and a VOX AC30 on albums such as WAR and The Unforgettable Fire. This winning combination has served him well from the early days all the way through recent records and live work. The Edge creates complex echo manipulations coupled with the airy chime of the Vox AC30. The Edge has used a massive catalog of guitars and multi FX units over the years, but the AC30 has remained a staple regardless of the other changes. These gear details coupled with his brilliant parts make U2’s catalog of songs distinguishable with just one note of the Edge’s guitar. Very few guitar players in history have created such a powerful and recognizable signature sound like The Edge.

Manfred Mann

VOX AC30 '65 This was the model used by THE SHADOWS for their greatest hits,and many guitarists admitted to being puzzled when their Fender guitars did not give exactly that result through their newly bought AC30s, which were mainly six-input model by mid-1961(The Vox Story)