WEM Dominator Bass MK1 bass amp

The WEM Dominator Bass MK1 bass amp was WEMs bass version of the Dominator MKIII tube amp, first available in 1972. Both were 15 watt amps, electronically identical, but the Bass had a 15" Celestion speaker (G15M, 55 Hz, 16 ohms), as used by Marshall and other British amp manufacturers.The valves are 3 x 12AX7 preamp, and 2 x EL84 power tubes, perfect for an overdriven sound at low volumes. Despite the intended bass use, this may be more widely used as guitar amplifiers. All the same, it is a nice bass amp for a grittier retro bass sound. Check out the sound clips below.Although probably not powerful enough for gigging with louder bands, the WEM Dominator is a fine recording amp; famously durable, and easy to find in working order at a reasonable price.





Flyte Bass with WEM MKI Bass