79 MESA BOOGIE Mark II Koa Hardwood cabinet Combo 1x12" 60/100W E.V. Mint

This extremely rare amplifier SimulClass, five band Graphic EQ, Send Return, and Koa hardwood. It is the 1x12 combo version which players like Santana have made so famous. This amp covers the gamut in tone, getting everything from Brian Setzer to James Hetfield, and everything in between. An absolute must-have for the tone conscious rock player, as well as a worthy companion to any bluesman out there. This amp also can create some excellent jazz tones. The cabinet is made of the brown tropical wood Koa, and the speaker is covered by the trademark rattan/wicker. It features the now-famous Graphic EQ and SimulClass. It runs in Class A/B mode at a very loud 85 watts, utilizing a pair of EL34's and a pair of 6L6's. It also can run in pure Class A mode at (a still surprisingly loud) 15 watts, utilizing just the EL34's. The speaker is the original Electro Voice model EVM12L, just one of the many top-of-the-line speakers Boogie has used over the years. It also features a built-in cooling fan to keep the tubes from overheating.

1977 Mesa-Boogie Amplifier