1974 ORANGE OR120 Excellent Conditions for near 50's years All Orig. Transformers Serial #11854 (code AM26)

Used by the greatest like Page, Kossoff, Peter Green, Oasis and many more great classic rock-amp ! Made in the U.K. one of the most iconic Orange amplifiers. All Original works fine and it’s in very good condition. Nice and loud cleansounds.4x EL34 powertubes and 3 ECC83 preamp tubes, two inputs (high and low), echo return- and sent jacks, orange vinyl covering. 

The circuits were likewise quite different from those used in other large amps, giving Orange its own distinctive sound. Although the nifty big F.A.C. knob (short for Frequency Analysis Control) appears first on the panel, after the inputs, it actually follows the gain and dual EQ knobs in the signal chain. This enigmatic six-position switch taps six different capacitors to revoice the signal between the preamp and output stages. As such, it’s not entirely unlike the “click switch” on popular latter-day boutique amps by Matchless and Divided by 13, although the feature is used somewhat differently here These amps did induce some early breakup in the output stage even short of full whack, thanks to the use of a split-load (a.k.a. cathodyne) phase inverter, preceded by a driver stage. Not often used in amps of this size, it’s a topology that largely went out of fashion in all but sub-20-watt amps after the archetypal designs of the ’50s by Fender, Gibson, Valco and the like. When pushed hard, this stage adds a little more hair to the overall tone, thanks to its own distortion, contributing to that legendary “Orange haze.” Crank it up, and it’s Brit-rock incarnate, and a trouser-leg-flapping playing experience you won’t soon forget.


Fleetwood Mac in 1969 on stage at the Royal Albert Hall, London, with a backline of Orange gear  (Image credit: Michael Putland/Getty Images)