Marshall 5210 1981-1991

The 5210 is a very well built Solid State amp from the days when Marshall was still putting effort into making serious professional Quality small Combo amps

This combo is the transistorised version of the 4210 combo. This amp had a reverb and an effects loop

 VINTAGE MARSHALL 5210 amplifier in EXCELLENT Condition.This does not sound like a solid state amp,it is much more tube like.It has 2 channels,1 normal and 1 overdrive.The amp also has a MASTER Volume and reverb control.There is a footswitch input on the back along with an effects return and send input and a headphone di input.It is rated at 50 watts at 4ohms and has a Celestion G12T-100 speaker.This amp really sounds great and has fantastic reviews.It is in really great shape no tears or rips etc.The footswitch works perfect and the amp also comes with the power cord.  This is a great amp for the new guitarist or a pro looking to have a small amp for small gigs or in home use.These are becoming very rare and well sought after.So if you are looking for a GREAT MARSHALL VINTAGE Amp that sounds marshall all the way and dont want to spend a fortune then grab this beauty,it rocks

Tipo Combo (Transistor)
Uscita (RMS) 50 watt
Canali Due (Normal e Boost)
Canale Normal Sensibilità: 1KHz. Segnale in ingresso massimo: 0.8mV
Canale Boost Sensibilità: 1KHz. Segnale in ingresso massimo: 0.3mV
Effetti Riverbero Spring (Hammond con una durata di 2 secondi)
Equalizzazione 3-band EQ + Presence
Alti 5KHz, 12dB (medi al massimo)
5KHz, 33dB (medi al minimo)
Medi 500Hz, 17dB (alti e bassi al massimo)
Bassi 150Hz, 18dB (medi al minimo)
Controlli (canale Normal) Volume, alti, bassi.
Controlli (canale Boost) Gain, volume, alti, medi, bassi.
Controlli (generali) Master riverbero, master volume, Master Presence.
Caratteristiche Loop effetti in serie con il send & return, uscita della cuffia (100mW)
Send & return Impedenza di uscita: 4.7Kohm
Impedenza di ingresso: 100Kohm
Pedaliera Sì (canale e riverbero)