Fender Quad Reverb near mint Conditions SUPER !!!

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The Fender Quad Reverb was a direct descendent of the Fender Twin Reverb. Both featured the same circuitry, but while the Twin had two speaker cones, the Quad had four.

A real high performance machine, the Quad Reverb revs up with 100 watts RMS power. Your engine really roars, thanks to the heavy-duty, wide range 12" speakers. And check out the channels, each with separate controls and two instrument inputs. With master volume control, you can steer your sound straight down the track or add any degree of distortion. Whatever sound you want, the Quad Reverb is built to travel hard and fast.

ModelFender Quad Reverb Available1972- Power Output100 watts Tubes10 Speakers4 x 12" cones. Fender 12", Fender PS 12, or JBL D-120F ChannelsNormal and Vibrato channels, each with two inputs and separate volume, treble, middle and bass controls. Vibrato channel has controls fore reverb, and vibrato rate and intensity ControlsMaster volume has a push-pull switch, adding distortion when activated. Footswitch.

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