Fender Super Reverb Black Face, 1966 220volts European Transf ALL ORIGINAL In Excellent Conditions

CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply!) speakers were used occasionally in Fender amps until the mid-1960s. These are good quality speakers that tonally lie between Jensens and Oxfords. The alnico 10-inch CTS speaker was the most prevalent speaker in Super Reverbs from the mid-1960s through the 1970s.

The original transformer European with various tension so the red selector, amp is a real strong, All Original Transformer. Caps & resistors replaced in circuit because amp comes from a professional musician for recording studio " Guitar Ray & The Gamblers" professionally prepared by guro technician, one the best sound of Super Reverb if you are a player.

The beauty of the Blackface Super Reverb and the reason behind so many calling it the quintessential Blackface Fender Amp is due to the magical Bassman 4x10" speaker combo configuration along with a 40 Watt rating.  Unlike the big brother, the 100 Watt Twin Reverb, the Super can accommodate gigs, practice and recording with much more veristility.  At 40 Watts there is plenty of headroom for gobbs of Clean Fender Tube tone, but you don't have to be in a stadium to get to Preamp breakup.  Tasty tube tone for Jazz, Country, Blues and Rock & Roll, you can not beat a blackface Super Reverb Amp.