1966 GIBSON B25/12, Natural,12 Stings, EX+ OHC code AC86

The bridge was professionally modified to a fixed saddle for better sound. Excellent action, playability and sound, outfitted with a pick up. Thin tortoise guard, Orig Kluson Tuners, comes in a original Chipboard case.

Gibson introduced the B-25 in 1961 which featured a mahogany body (solid back, laminated sides), solid spruce top, and rosewood fingerboard like the B-45. The B-25 featured a smaller body than the B-45 and after 1965 they had a narrow neck (1 5/8" nut) while the earliest models had the standard 11/16" nut. Many came with a plastic bridge and ceramic adjustable saddle. Some B-25's had a cherry sunburst finish, but there were a limited number of ebony finish editions with white pickguards. There was also a natural finish B-25-N edition. Production of these standard B-25's ended in 1977. Gibson produced a "short scale" version of the B-25, the B-25 , with the same features as the standard B-25 but with a size body and a different sunburst finish. Gibson manufactured this edition from 1962 through 1968. From 1966 – 1968, the natural finish B-25-N was also available. The short scale editions were marketed as "student" guitars. Two 12-string editions of the B-25 were also available starting in 1962. The B-25-12 had a cherry sunburst finish and was available through 1970. Gibson manufactured the natural finish B-25-12-N through 1977, the last year of production for all B series guitars.