1976 GIBSON  HUMMINGBIRD, Natural, Mahogany back & sides, EX+  code AC490

Original excelent condition with hard case. Plays and sound great, easy to play with balanced highs and lows, big sound! Straight neck with smooth tuners, inlayed headstock and fret board. Low action with bridge to go lower. Decorative pickguard with vibrant hummingbird, flat and solidly attached. Bridge flat and secured. A 1 11/16" nut neck width makes easy chording for smaller hands.Low action and good frets! Original Hard Case.

Introduced in 1960, the "'bird" made a sound quite unlike other dreadnought acoustics. Something magic came together in the combination of the rich mahogany back and sides, the superb bracing pattern, the select spruce top, and the Gibson square shoulder shape (a shape that later found its way to the maple Dove and Country Western models as well). The tone has the characteristic rich, soothing mahogany sound, like a Martin D-18, but with deeper, lush ringing overtones. The Hummingbird is excellent for backing vocals, for ensemble playing, and for recording. The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards calls the Hummingbird "the only flat-top acoustic worth a damn" and "Keef" captured a lot of the greatness of the sound of the classic era 'birds in recordings like the Stones' "Wild Horses" and "Moonlight Mile."

 Mick Jagger

 Jack Black

 Kris Allen

Justin Bieber

Bob Dylan

Sheryl Crow


Dave Groh:  https://youtu.be/u94LYtmW0gU

Brian Aubert:  https://youtu.be/iVGowjDdLw8

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Keith Richards

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Jonny Greenwood

Thom Yorke

Taylor Swift: https://youtu.be/d8kCTPPwfpM

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Tom Waits

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David Lee Roth: https://youtu.be/Mo4o5PrTWTU

 Liam Gallagher

 KT Tunstall

 James Iha

 John Hiatt

 Ryan Tedder: https://youtu.be/S2PzD9pvjfE

 Katy Perry

 Demi Lovato

 Lenny Kravitz

 Passenger: https://youtu.be/cWKTFuAFcOY

 Colbie Caillat

 Blake Shelton

 Sergio Pizzorno: https://youtu.be/CWtwva6cZ9Y

Eric Church

Miranda Lambert

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