First 70's  PRO MARTIN W200 Custom MARTIN STYLE COPY  1 Serie code AC350

A very high quality Vintage Japanese clone of a Martin acoustic. Mahogany neck, 3 mm solid top a thick spruce veneer, laminate Mahogany, Abalone binding. No cracks, no scratches no repair, very playable neck, perfect frets, low action. It sounds absolutely fabulous with large volume, comes with SKB as Martin copy hardcase .

This company is the one firm that Martin actually sued for copyright/trademark infringement. (Despite the endless references to "Lawsuit Takamines," Martin never actually sued Takamine, as the "cease and desist" letter Martin's attorneys sent Takamine accomplished what Martin wanted, without need for any further legal action.) But when these so-called "Pro Martin Custom" guitars started being imported to the US, Martin did take them to court and won, immediately closing down their North American operations.