50's ARNOLD HOYER "E. N." SPECIAL Sunburst  Archtop Topsound Jazzguitar EX+ code AC148

Very good playability and sound, good neck and good frets, come with a Very Nice Case !

Originally the Hoyer Instrument company was established in 1874 by Joseph Hoyer (Arnold's grandfather). In 1945, Arnold Hoyer (died in 1967) did re-organization the company and continue to the releasing of instruments with top quarity. After Arnold's passing, his son, Walter had run the company in 1970s to 80s. Still the Hoyer brand is living in music instrument scene in Deutschland. Now the rights of HOYER has been belonged to the company called AMC, they fonded the HOYER-GUITARS (www.hoyer-guitars.com) brand and they released many variations of guitars: from high-end archtops (made by old-woods!) to the budget priced STUDENT-MODEL guitars manufactured in Asian factory.

The history of the HOYER guitar brand began in 1874, when Franz Hoyer, son of an old German luthier family, opened his own workshop in Schönbach/Egerland (today Czech Repulic). Schönbach was an important part of the European musical instrument production at that time. After making lutes and zithers in the beginning, HOYER changed more and more to classic and folk  guitars. Later, the prospering company was continued by his son Joseph Hoyer.
In 1945, the family had to leave Schönbach (now Czech Republic) and settled at  Tennelohe near Erlangen in Germany. Erlangen was an area where many instrument and accessory makers who had come from Egerland during this time settled.
Arnold Hoyer, Joseph Hoyer’s son, reorganised the HOYER company and after a short time the brand became well-known for it’s good quality.
HOYER was one of first German guitar companies to print a brochure after the second world war in 1948 (see right). The arch-top models ‘Herr im Frack’ and ‘Solist’ were very popular professional instruments during this period. Both models are now collectors items with cult status.
After the great epoch of the acoustic archtop guitars in the 50’s, instruments were more frequently equipped with pickups, followed by semi-acoustic models, and by the end of the 50‘s, by solid guitars.
After Arnold Hoyer’s passing in 1967 his son Walter A. Hoyer took the lead of the HOYER company, which focused more and more on Electric- and Folk Guitars.
During this period the quality of the HOYER Guitars achieved high standards. This was a period of not only many attractive and popular models, but also some very exotic creations. An extreme and rare example was the ‘Foldaxe’, a guitar with a fold-away neck!
In 1977 Walter A. Hoyer left the company. With famous and qualified staff, for example the well-known luthier Walter Krahl, the new HOYER owners had good success with guitar models of highest quality levels, like the legendary ‘Black Lady’, the ‘Eagle’ the ‘Taurus’ Bass and some USA influenced styles, all equipped with through-necks and branded pickups and hardware.
The HOYER company stopped it’s production in autumn, 1987.