FENDER '83 TELECASTER ELITE Lefty, Sunburst,Maple Neck, Near Mint Conditions code LH389

Bound alder body, 21-fret fingerboard with black dot inlay, fixed bridge,cream-bound top, maple neck,1-11/16" nut width, 25-1/2" scale, chrome hardware, two Fender Elite humbucking pickups with white plastic covers, 2 volume/2 tone controls, 3-position switch, TBX tone control, MDX active mid-boost active electronics,top-load Elite bridge, mfg. 1983-85.

The Fender Elite Series guitars are equipped with specially designed active circuitry that offers extremely wide tonal flexibility, exceptional noise reduction and increased output—all without sacrificing the legendary Fender sound. Its efficient design makes for surprisingly 9Volts battery consumption. If properly used, the 9-volt battery should be good for about one year, although a is recommended that it be changed every six months, or as soon as you notice any deterioration in sound.The special deep extension On/Off Output Jack acts as the on/of E switch Far the instruments circuitry. When the instrument is unplugged, there is no drain on the battery. To prolong battery life, the instrument should be unplugged when l is not being played. The battery pocket on the Stratocaster is Locatedon the back of the instrument and the cover is easily removed with the use of a Philips head screw driver. On the Telecaster, the battery cover is part of the back pocket cover.The Volume Control allows you to regulate the overall output of the instrument. With active electronics, when the volume is turned down there is no noticeable change in the tonality al the instrument. This allows you to adjust the amplifier to deliver the guitar sound you desire at a volume level that leaves room to turn the guitar up for soloing. The Stratocaster Is equipped with one Master Volume, while the Telecaster has a separate Volume Control for each pickup allowing you to mix the sound from the individual pickups when they are used together.


The Elite Series guitars have a unique tone circuit that features Fender’s new TBXTM Tone Control! (Pat. pending) and MDX Mid-Range Control! The TBX Control! Has a center detent position that gives you the standard Fender sound. By rotating the knob clockwise, you will notice increased presence and brightness. Rotating the control! From the detent position, counterclockwise, it works like a normal tone control. The MDX Control gives a variable boost of up to 6db in a specially selected frequency range. When using this control, you can get a remarkably accurate simulation. of even the hottest humbucking pickups. By experimenting with these controls, you will find your new Fender guitar can cover a wide range of tonal possibilities; from the mellowest jazz sounds to the brightest country licks— from the funkiest R&B rhythms to the hottest rock leads.


The Pickups on your Fender Elite Series guitar are fully adjustable for height. Adjustments are made by turning the Pickup Adjustment Screws located at either end of the pickups. To raise a pickup, turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise; to lower, turn clockwise.

Johnny Hollyday