'83 SQUIER 57' REISSUE one of first Made in Japan Excellet Conditions with Hard Tweed Case code FE248

The first Fenders produced in Japan in 1982 & 1983 were designated 'Reissues' & Vintage so the serial numbers began with  'JV' (Japanese Vintage) followed by 5 digits to differentiate themselves from their American cousins. Of all the Japanese Fender guitars made, these are the most desirable, well made high quality vintage style guitars with a great sound and authentic feel and rarest of all. In 1981, CBS brought in a new a new management team to turn Fender around. The three executives, John McLaren, William “Bill” Schultz and Dan Smith, all music industry veterans. This was at a time when the Squier name was introduced to indicate a Fender Japan export guitar, and not the entry level instrument that the Squier name has become associated with today. This "JV-Series" Fender Squier Stratocaster '57 Reissue is one fine example. Manufactured at the reknowned FujiGen Gakki plant in Japan. They were built from the original blueprints and exported as vintage replicas of pre-CBS 1952, 57 and 62 models... This Strat features six in a line Kluson style tuners, USA made vintage staggered pole pickups with plain wires that were used on a lot of the earlier models, period correct screw positioning, vintage body contouring and neck radius. Jeff Healey was playing a first Squire Strato.