The Rocktron Intellifex® LTD is a 24-bit digital effects processor utilizing three individual 16-bit converters and Sigma-Delta A/D conversion, achieving a 64x oversampling rate and better than 100dB dynamic range. The Intellifex LTD is totally programmable and allows for complete MIDI control. The unit features pitch shifting, 8 voice stereo chorusing effects, digital delay effects including 2-tap, stereo and ping ponging effects, unsurpassed digital reverb quality and highly flexible configuration programming allowing for simultaneous operation of up to 5 effects plus complete mixing capabilities. The unit also offers Hush Systems' first fully digital implementation of patented HUSH® noise reduction at the unit's input, along with delay and reverb ducking capabilities.  


* Super quiet operation due to use of digital HUSH® and high quality 16-bit converters.

 * High purity sound due to the use of a 64X oversampling A/D converter, which samples the signal 64 times as often as a conventional converter, and also due to the use of a separate dual D/A converter. Most "bargain" digital effects units use a single converter multiplexed 3 ways, for decidedly higher distortion and lower dynamic range.

 * 24-Bit processing and memory circuits to maintain maximum dynamic range.

 * Ability to store up to 8 unique MIDI controller patches with each preset.

 * Very high quality effects algorithms.

 * Highly stereo effects with panning available on almost all signals.

 * 8 Voice chorusing with an enormous number of parameters for the richest chorus ever.

 * High quality 4 voice pitch shifting over 3 full octaves.

 * 2-voice pitch shifting or 4-voice chorusing offered simultaneously with Hush®, Delay and Reverb.

 * Programming via knobs instead of push buttons.

 * Easy to read, wide viewing angle display.