'68 FENDER TELECASTER BASS, Original Blond, White Pickguard, MN, Original posts 1966 and pickup, Original and Rare Europen Case EX+++

code BA556

The Fender Telecaster bass, or Tele Bass was introduced in 1968. It was very similar to the early 1950s Precision bass; a single pickup and just one volume and tone control. Initially the single coil pickup was placed fairly centrally in the body, however in 1972 the bass was redesigned; gone was the single coil pickup, replaced by a Fender humbucker positioned right up against the neck.

The following description is taken from the 1969 Fender lovin' care catalogue:

Fender has gone back more than 15 years to reintroduce the original solid-body electric bass. Recently, veterans and newcomers alike in the music field have rediscovered the smooth playing action and moving sounds of the Telecaster Bass.

The slender all-maple neck is remarkably fast, truss-rod reinforced and set for low string, high-speed playing action. The single pickup is located for the maximum string response and is adjustable at either end for custom string balance. Both the tone and volume control are located for easy access and permit a wide variation of values. Two individual bridges are adjustable for both length and height enabling the player to achieve perfect string intonation.

The comfort contoured body is finished in natural blond and trimmed with a white pickguard. All metal parts are case hardened and chrome plated to maintain a like-new appearance indefinitely. Available in selected custom finishes and left-hand models.

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