1975 Marshall JMP Lead & Bass 50 Combo 2x12"

Incredible sounding original 1975 JMP Marshall Lead & Bass 50 watt combo. It's a rarity as it was only offered as a mail order item in the '70s.  The last of the classic Marshalls. The label inside says it was made in 1975. One of the most desirable and versatile of Marshall amps. Basically a 2x12 Bluesbreaker cabinet design stuffed with two channels and 4 inputs. One channel a 1987 circuit (lead) and the second a 1986 circuit (bass) running through two Celestion G12M.  It's the combo that Paul Weller used in The Jam and it has the same crunch that early AC/DC records achieve. It also has that Bluesbreaker combo Clapton type feel but with more clarity and beef. The amp is identical to a Lead 50 1987 model. Built to the highest quality and are extremely collectable in the modern market year on year, especially these early versions . The amplifer is in excellent full working order and has a classic Marshall valve sound. This amp features the 50 watt lead circuit, as well as the bass circuit for 'channel' 2, which gives an awesome array of tones. Everything from Hendrix and Free is in there, all the way to Thin Lizzy and even higher gain Van Halen-ish tones too with it cranked! S/A Serie # 3059G Two original Celestion G12M 25watt speakers. Ready to play!