Marshall 25/50 Anniversary The Jubilee Series amps 25/50 watts EX+ Near mint Conditions !

50 watt (25 watt selectable) 2 channels, effects loop, to loudspeaker outputs, footswitch, 2 el34 power tubes 3 12ax7 preamp tubes

The real deal! Slash Bonamassa!
The original 1987 Marshall Silver Jubilee Limited Edition ultimate collectable amp. The silver tolex version with mirror plate, not the more common black version. This is the real deal. One of the best amps Marshall ever built according to many rockstars and collectors. Great tone and pretty versatile with the 2 push/pull pots. The 2554 is a good to carry 1x12 and 25/50 watts small package of rock.
To commemorate his 50 years in music and 25 years in the amplifier business, Jim Marshall introduced a limited edition collection of tube amps and cabinets in 1987. The amps, based on the 2203 and 2204 master volume designs, were known as the "25/50 Silver Jubilee" Series models. The products were distinctive, with their silver vinyl covering and chrome panels. They also featured a special commemorative plastic plate on each amp, a copy of which appears below.

As a special tie-in with the 25/50 theme, Marshall introduced a half-power mode so that the user could select either 25/50 watts on the 50 watt models, or 50/100 watts on the 100 watt models. This feature has been carried over into the JCM 900 series amps, but only on the 100 watt models.
The Jubilee Series amps also featured quiet switching between lead and rhythm channels. When the 1987 sales year ended, the special models were added into the existing JCM 800 line-up as the Custom Series (although they were sold in the traditional black vinyl after the Jubilee year was over). The model numbers for these amps were prefixed by a "JS" (Jubilee Series) after 1987.

It's interesting to note that Marshall did not produce a 100 watt combo model during their 25/50 anniversary year.

Popular tone monster by Marshall made famous by Slash of Guns 'N Rose and now Velvet Revolver fame.  To celebrate 25 years of Marshall amps and for Jim Marshall being in rock 'n roll for 50 years, the Silver Jubilee amps were introduced in 1987. This explains the type 2550 (25/50) and name Silver Jubilee (25th Anniversary). The 1987 amps and cabinets were covered with silver vinyl and had chrome silver panels instead of the usual gold brushed aluminium panels. In the following years they were manufactured in the normal black vinyl, but the chrome panels stayed. These amps could be switched to "half" power by switching the output pentodes to triode mode. The type 25/50 is also a reference to this feature. The Jubilee Series amps also featured quiet switching between lead and rhythm channels. So what more can I say. Had it quite a few years, mainly used in studio, very versatile all valve head.Superbly clean inside cabinent, almost new Svetlana EL34 matched pair.In GWO with just a few minor scuffs a bit of a cut to vinyl near one corener (not sure if it was always there, glued dow). Alos one of the plastic handle covers has split and has been reglued. I believe they are readily available and does not affect the carrying function.So Front Panel (chromed): Power on off and standby switches. 25/50 watt selection as above. Presence Bass Middle and Treble controls. Output Master control with pull switch for channel cahange (can also do by footswich via socket on rear panel. NB F/S not supplied but any standard latching will do the job). Chanell indicator lamp, Lead master volume then Input (Gain), the latter is also a pull switch for effectively more drive. Then input jack. A small bit (an I mean a very small) of the legend/ wrinting on the front has been rubbed off.Rear panel (chromed): Standard mains socket (I will supply lead), Mains and HT fuses. Mains and output impedance selectors. 2 Speaker O/P jacks, DI jack (for desk/P.A), send and return jacks (effects) then F/S jack.