MARTIN '95 D40 FMG, 22 of 150 Quilted Mahogany, RARE, Near Mint OHC code AC1995

When Martin make a limited edition model they go all out. The quilted mahogany is something to really admire, it's just stunning. I was really attracted to all the abalone inlays and the classic Martin headstock logo, also in abalone . The condition is fantastic, I've kept it real nice. It plays great, the frets are perfect also, lots of life left. No dents or dings, it's super clean. It's an extremely rare model and one that you will be happy you purchased. Great guitar, beautiful tone, low action and a great investment. "When a rare wood does go into a Martin guitar,it certainly sounds better than it would have looked as a coffee table.The Limit Edition D40 FMG from 1995 is made of rare quilted mahogany."(Martin Guitars by J.washburn & R.Johnston). Reference to it in any guitar book is in Washburn/Johnston's book Martin Guitars, page 228.